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Specialty Venous Diseases

One  major focus of our practice relies on the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases. Treatment of diseased saphenous veins can be performed in our practice, by applying the innovative methode of endoluminal laser treatment (endolaser) which, in contrast to the conventional surgical methode under narcosis (stripping-operation) displays significant advantages.

Smaller cosmetically troublesome varicose veins and spider veins are removed  by using foam sclerotherapy or conventional sclerotherapy.
Diagnostic and therapeutical features are technologically state of the art.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (occlusion of the "inner veins")
Varicose Veins
Spider veins

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Praxis für Dermatologie
Prof. Dr. med. Yared Herouy
Lecturer of the Medical School Freiburg
Sophienstr. 7
D-76530 Baden-Baden

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